Tradable Ethereum Wallet Integrating with Loopring Protocol

VIV Wallet is a 100% open sourced and noncustodial Ethereum wallet.

Not only does VIV make asset management on the Ethereum blockchain easier for users, it also supports decentralized transactions building on top of Loopring Protocol.

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100% Open-sourced Code

VIV is built on the underlying open-sourced code of Loopring Protocol. We invite any individual or organization to review the code to verify that our private key management is, in fact, rigorous and risk-free.

Zero Asset Custody

VIV keeps your private keys encrypted in your device, and safeguards them from ever being exposed to the network, so that your assets remain entirely under your control.

Order-matched Transactions

VIV supports Loopring protocol for decentralized exchange, so placing orders no longer require additional withdrawal or deposit of funds. Since assets may remain in the wallet until order settlement, the entire transaction is risk-free and trustless.

P2P Trading

Loopring protocol allows decentralized peer-to-peer trading by means of QR code sharing. This permits the exchange of various ERC20 Tokens without having to rely on a third-party.

Support All Tokens

VIV is convenient for handling all your different ERC20 Assets, eliminating the need to manage multiple Ethereum wallets. As long as they are of ERC20 standard, you may directly manage all your token keys with the same VIV Wallet.

Simple, Elegant Design

The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started. VIV is suitable for everyone, from the curious newcomer to the seasoned cryptocurrency trader.


Peer-to-Peer Trading

Built-in Decentralized Exchange VIV's own built-in decentralized exchange operates under Loopring protocol, allowing you to place orders without immobilizing your assets.

Placing orders no longer require the order amount to be held at the exchange, removing restriction on your assets.

As soon as a trade is completed, your acquired tokens will be transferred directly to your desired address.

Harvest 20% of trading fees

By sharing the APP, you will be awarded 20% of all future trading fees from users acquired by your promotion.